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Saturday, June 17

Probing Healthcare Frontiers Through Convergence of Art, Technology and Health

2:00PM — 2:45PM / Inspiration Stage, Lions Health

Lucy McRae is a science-fiction artist who connects imagination with science to take audiences out of their comfort zone. Joined by Havas Executive Director Zuleika Burnett and Chief Executive of Havas Lynx, David Hunt, McRae will share provocative examples of how courageous thinking can unleash the talent to create exceptional campaigns that improve people’s lives.

Cannes Lions Awards Ceremony

7:00PM — 9:00PM / Lumiere Theatre

The first award show of the Cannes Lions Festival. Featuring Pharma, Health & Wellness, Healthcare Agency of the Year and Healthcare Network of the Year awards.

Saturday, June 19

AI-enhanced Creativity

12:00PM — 12:30PM / Discovery Stage

Creatives that integrate unified AI, bots and machine learning tech will not only have competitive advantage in what they create, but how they create. Led by Chris Duffy, Executive Creative Director of Sudler WPP Health and Wellness and Adobe Director of Product Management, Brent Chui-Watson, this session will use real examples to demonstrate how to design unforgettable and immersive experiences using AI-enhanced products and services.

Cannes Lions Awards Ceremony

6:15PM — 9:00PM / Lumiere Theatre

The Glass, Outdoor, PR, Print & Publishing, and Promo & Activation Lions award ceremony.

Tuesday, June 20

Data is Meaningless! The Neuroscience of Why

11:00AM — 11:45AM / Inspiration Stage

Join Dr. Lotto, the Founder of the Lab of Misfits, the world’s first neuro-design studio, as he explains how the brain moves from interpreting inherently meaningless sensory data to the perceptions that guide everything we do and choices we make.

Cannes Lions Awards Ceremony

6:15PM — 9:00PM / Lumiere Theatre

Find out the latest 2017 Lion winners at the Festival’s official awards show. Tonight’s awards include: Direct Lions, Creative Data Lions, Innovation Lions, Cyber Lions and Mobile Lions.

Wednesday, June 21

Is Entertainment the Most Powerful way to Make a Difference?

12:00PM — 12:45PM / Inspiration Stage, Lions Entertainment

HOME is a BAFTA-winning short film, supported by the UN, which is changing the conversation around the worst refugee crisis in history. Join us for an exclusive screening of the film and hear Anthony Austin, Deputy ECD of BBH London and CEO of Black Sheep Studios, to discuss why they used an entertainment property to communicate such an important message.

The Fantasy of Decision-making: Why We Keep Getting It Wrong

3:00PM — 3:45PM / Debussy Theatre

Professor Dan Ariely shares learnings from his latest research and reveals how hidden details impact our daily decisions in ways we don’t understand – why do we text while driving? Why do we click certain links? Every day we make thousands of decisions. We think we make these decisions. But we don’t. Dan will show that we are largely influenced by irrational factors, of which we are not aware.

Cannes Lions Awards Ceremony

6:15PM — 9:00PM / Lumiere Theatre

Find out the latest 2017 Lion winners at the Festival’s official awards show. Tonight’s awards include: Product Design Lions, Design Lions, Media Lions, Entertainment Lions and Entertainment Lions for Music.

Thursday, June 22

An Industry Imperative: Cracking the Creativity Code

11:00AM — 11:45AM / Inspiration Stage, Lions Entertainment

With the media industry in a state of perennial disruption and consumers viewing content on more screens than ever before, it’s creativity, not technology, that has never been more critical to reaching today's viewer. Join Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins and director Jason Reitman as they share their approach to breaking down the silos between creative and technology to deliver the content and experiences viewers are seeking.

Back to the Future: Branded Content with Mattel

2:00PM — 2:45PM / Inspiration Stage

Learn the real story of Mattel, an empire that was founded on creativity and innovation. The audience will be taken on the incredible journey of a toy company that was founded by a visionary couple that understood the power of content.

11th Annual Grey Music Seminar

3:00PM — 3:45PM / Lumiere Theatre

We need new, disruptive ideas and action. So let’s meet with the rule breakers and find out how it’s done. Hear stories from Pussy Riot, Alice Ericsson and Per Pedersen about how and why they went from artists to activists.

Friday, June 23

Cannes Lions Award Ceremony

6:15PM — 9:00PM / Lumiere Theatre

Creative Effectiveness, Digital Craft, Film Craft, Radio Lions.

Saturday, June 24

I Fell in Love with an Asshole

12:45PM — 1:30PM / Debussy Theatre

Big ideas often die at the intersection of risk and persuasion—too much perceived risk for the brand or too little persuasive ammunition to make the case. But what happens when both sides lock arms and embrace the big idea? Hear five personal stories from those who believed in Coleman F. Sweeney, 'The World’s Biggest Asshole', and turned a PSA for Donate Life into a viral hit that lured millennial males to sign up in droves and save lives.

Cannes Lions Award Ceremony

5:45PM — 9:00PM / Lumiere Theatre

Film, Integrated, Titanium, Grand Prix Lions.